Favourite snack of India!

Now, since you know a little more about momos from our previous blog post (Momo versus Dim sum), let me enlighten you on what makes this Tibetan delight so famous.

Momos are available on every corner of the street, especially in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. I am sure that you are aware of at least ten momo hotspots yourself! Momo tops everyone’s list, especially college students, who spent half of their college life eating momos during lunch break.

The origin of momos is kind of blurry, but most believe that it is of Tibetan origin. This dish has travelled from Tibet to Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling and surrounding areas, all of which have adopted their versions. Particularly the vegetable version, which came into being to suit the taste of vegetarians of North India.

Today, the momo-fever has gripped the entire nation. It is not only adored by college students but also by people of all ages and regions. Besides its deliciousness, it offers a healthier business opportunity too. Encouraging vendors to introduce momos in their unique way and sell them piping hot with fiery chutney to customers who never seem to get enough of them.

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