Momos served with chutney

Momos vs Dimsums

Have you ever heard anyone saying, “ek plate dim sum dena bhaiya?” That would sound so absurd! I believe everyone till date has wanted to uncover the difference between a Momo & a Dim sum.

Momo traces its roots to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. This Tibetan delight has made its way to the heart of every Indian in a short period. The term “Momo” comes from the Tibetan word “Mog Mog” which means a stuffed bun. It is usually steamed and made of wheat flour with a filling inside and served with a spicy fiery “chutney”.

Now, coming to the beloved fine-dining dumpling called Dim sums. They hail from the Cantonese region of China and are more versatile. The term “Dim sum” is derived from the Chinese lexicon and translates to “touch the heart.” Unlike Momos, they are offered as an accompaniment with tea in China. Dim sums can be made with any form of starch such as rice, potato & also wheat.

Thus, all Momos can be called Dim sums, but all Dim sums cannot be called Momos.

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