We are advocates of healthy living! And to steam is to live healthy. To make you quit that deep-fried fantasies we bring a series of tasty, drool worthy, snackables that you can Steam-Up!

Steamilcious Momos right at your doorstep!

Delivering within 24 hours


Our mission is to help you steam anytime and anywhere. Use our coupon code SOEASY to avail a 10% OFF on minimum of 2 packs


We solemnly promise you will not have to call your Mom, aunty, masi, chachi, dadi, neighbour waali didi. You can do this on your own, it is that Steample!

The Vessel

You can chose from: (The steamer, mummy’s traditional idli maker, the cooker, the kadai, channi.) Add 3-4 cups water. Bring it to a Boil. Do you see bubbles, bubbling Place a perforated tray over the pan.

Reduce the flame to medium.


The Momos

Grease the tray with some ghee, butter or oil. We don’t want unnecessary attachment.  Place the frozen Momos on the perforated tray.  Cover it with a lid. Now wait for the next 5-6 minutes. You can do a happy dance. Check if the Momos are cooked with a knife.

We don’t want the covering to stick on it.


Ta Da! It’s all Steamed-Up!

Switch off the stove.
Spoon the Momos out. Be careful with the steam. Plate it.

Hear your inner master-chef calling.
Serve it with our special Tibetan Sauce!

How It All Gathered Steam…

Beginning with a love story, those days away from home, binging on unhealthy orders, was the root to the start of Steam-Up.
A classic start-up, with all its maddening struggles brings to you a range of meals that are best of both worlds, Taste and Health. Steam-Up offers a ready to cook range of steamable meals, starting with Momos in exciting flavours that take only 5 minutes to make!
So indulge guilt free with Steam-Up!


Get in Touch

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