Steaming Profits with Momos!

In today’s fast-paced lives, non-messy, quick, and ready-to-eat meals have come to be a necessity. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has blurred the lines between office and home and driven people to prefer frozen foods. Frozen dumplings saw a surge of 20 times in demand in the past year and at present, are the fastest-growing item in the frozen retail segment because they are a healthier alternative to other oily and fried foods. 


The ease of consuming restaurant-style food at any hour, without waiting for home deliveries, is something that food lovers are looking forward to and will prove to be the new normal in the coming times. Momos have been a roadside hit among the foodies, but lately, a few companies have felt the food has great potential and have introduced momos in their unique way!
SteamUp also seized this opportunity and stepped foot into the ready-to-cook dumplings market with a USP of promoting steaming as a cooking method.
In a little over a year’s time, our team has managed to serve 5 million momos across 8 cities and 800+ stores. We hope to expand our portfolio further and serve our customers with safe and tasty food. 

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